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This exclusive, one-of-a-kind


course will teach your teen:


  • how to recognize propaganda

  • how words are being weaponized to manipulate, control + divide

  • how to use language to inspire, uplift, encourage + unify

  • how to safeguard their confidence, self-esteem, critical thinking and sovereignty in the face of mass media manipulation

  • how to resist persuasion and group think, while standing confidently in their own beliefs, perspectives and authenticity

I am ready to safeguard my teen from propaganda, group think and media manipulation.

Course Syllabus:


Week 1:  What is propaganda?


Students will learn the history of propaganda, from Bernays and Tavistock, to the Smith Mundt Act. This module teaches learners what the matrix is and how it functions, along with the history of propaganda and how it is being deployed in 2023.


Week 2:  Mind Control + Mass Hypnosis


Teens will learn how the subconscious mind shapes our perception of reality. This module illuminates the primary methods propagandists use to hijack the subconscious mind, and manipulate their perception.


Week 3: Group Think


This module tackles primal outcast fear, and how it is manipulated to generate mass consensus. Students will dig into the psychology of group think, and learn how individuals can be manipulated into betraying themselves to “fit in” with the crowd, while learning the true meaning of “authority”, and what it means to stand in one’s own sovereign agency.


Week 4: Divide + Rule


Learners will delve into separation consciousness, and how dividing humans into smaller and smaller sub categories destabilizes culture, while leading to violence and loss of freedom. We will unpack simple techniques that are being employed all day, every day to (try to) convince us that humans who think differently than we do are not only “other”, but are also our enemies.


Week 5: Victimhood


One of the greatest tricks modern-day propagandists have pulled off is convincing the

masses that there is value in victimhood. This module breaks down the scam that is victimhood, helping students to understand that competing in the “oppression Olympics” is always a losing endeavor. Topics covered include “privilege”, “cultural appropriation”, triggers, equity, inclusion, et al.


Week 6: Emotional Hijacking


Propaganda preys upon emotional triggers, specifically FEAR + CONFLICT. Students will learn how their emotions are being manipulated by the social engineers, how language is being used to cultivate a culture of violence and aggression, and how to safeguard their peace of mind (and peace, in general) in the face of emotional manipulation.


Week 7: Lack, Limitation + Not-Enoughness


This module teaches students how the illusions of lack, limitation and not-enoughness are used by propagandists as a means of selling products, services, liberty-grabs and authoritarian control. They will also learn practical techniques to affirm and amplify abundance, gratitude, havingness and self-worth, so that learners can protect themselves from messaging that attempts to convince them of lack – be it material or personal.


Week 8: Bread + Circuses


Touching in on techniques such as “glittering generalities”, “beautiful people”, “trusted leaders”, and the distractions that are bling, fashion, trends and celebrity culture, this module teaches learners how our collective attention is being hijacked by Hollywood, Madison Avenue, fashion, movies, music and pop culture, in general.


Week 9: Demoralization


One of the quickest ways to overthrow a culture is to demoralize the youth through the systematic degradation of cultural norms and standards. This course module illuminates the various ways that propagandists are attempting to degrade our cultural standards through sex, gender, drugs, materialism and various activist “movements”, and how we can protect ourselves from their shenanigans.


Week 10: Normalization


This module teaches learners how the media has been co-opted, and how propaganda is used to normalize violence, cultural devolution, division and tyranny. Duly educated as to how normalization techniques function, our teens are resourced to resist these strategies, safeguard their critical thinking, and move freely through the world as sovereign, empowered, confident, autonomous beings.

Week 11: The Co-Opting of the Media

While learning how the media has been cop-opted, and how to recognize when a media outlet has been compromised, students will also learn how to do their own fact-checking, how to enact their own due diligence, and how to follow the money. A truly phenomenal batch of lessons that will safeguard them from propaganda and disinformation/misinformation for the rest of their lives.

Week 12: Quantum Languaging

In our final class module, students will learn the basic precepts of Quantum Languaging - a technology that utilizes words as tools to create and transform themselves and their world as they choose. Lessons will teach learners how to recognize the frequencies in language, and how to sidestep words that disempower and divide, and to instead use words that uplift, inspire, empower and unify. This is the SOLUTION for the divide, conquer and control agenda we are currently transmuting/triumphing over.

I absolutely want in on this exclusive opportunity to cultivate my teen's critical thinking skills, while safeguarding them from propaganda.

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pop propaganda home school course teens

Dear smart, free-thinking parents,


As I’m sure you are well aware, humanity is currently navigating the biggest propaganda war in human history. While wars of the past were waged with bullets and bombs, this one is a war of words.

Whether they are the words being spouted by news anchors, social media influencers, politicians or celebrities; the lyrics to your favorite song; the advertising slogan smeared on so many billboards and bus benches; or simply the words used in those Common Core Curriculum text books, language is being weaponized to control and manipulate us all.

The best way to protect our children from the dangers of fake news, group think, mind control and mis/disinformation is to educate them as to how propaganda functions, how language is being used to manipulate us, and how to use language to safeguard our self-esteem, critical thinking and humanity.


My name is Dani Katz. I am a journalist, author and Quantum Languaging consultant, devoted to teaching rebels, free-thinkers and visionary badasses how language creates reality; and how to use language to empower, uplift, inspire and transform the world for the more wonderful.


While I stepped away from teaching my home school courses last year to focus on my busy consulting practice, I continue to receive copious requests to teach my Pop Propaganda course to teens.


And so it is that in response to so much demand, I am offering one last LIVE version of this course, for teens 14+. The course will be recorded, and turned into an evergreen program, so that this timely, ground-breaking curriculum can educate and awaken millions of teens the world over.


This means, dear parent, that you have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to register your own teen(s) for my last ever, LIVE Pop Propaganda home school course.


This course will teach students how to discern the languaging coming through the media sphere, while resourcing them with tools that will allow them to think critically, and to decipher truth from propaganda, while cultivating Quantum Languaging skills that will allow them to use language to empower, uplift, include and equalize the cultural landscape.



Course schedule:  Wednesdays, 1-2:15 MST, 9/13 - 12/6/23

Course offering: $349

I am ready to teach my teen how to decipher truth from propaganda, and to

safeguard them from group think and media manipulation.




An exclusive opportunity to teach your teens how to discern truth from propaganda

Give your teens the gift of critical thinking.

I am excited to register for this very special LIVE virtual

Pop Propaganda home school course for teens 14+ up.

Wyatt, 16

Dani’s class helped me to notice propaganda out in the world, through news, social media, and music, where we are targeted to buy things, and to have fear.


Now that I understand how propaganda works, I feel a greater sense of empowerment. I highly recommend Dani’s class, and look forward to her next one.

Kasia, parent

Pop Propaganda is Shayla’s favorite class right now. She appreciates you as a teacher, your teaching style and the content…This class is so necessary in this climate to foster and encourage critical thinking, and you are doing an amazing job!

Naomi, 17

Dani’s Pop Propaganda class allowed me understand and embody the full-spectrum of language, and taught me the true meaning of words and their power to shape our reality.


Her class taught me that I am omniscopic, and can shift my life in HUGE ways by using my words wisely, and speaking with intention.

Dani Katz

dani katz quantum languaging consultant

Dani Katz is an author, journalist + Quantum Languaging consultant. She teaches rebel badasses + visionary creatives to use language to empower themselves, and transform the world for the more wonderful.


Katz is the author of Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change and

Pop Propaganda: An Illustrated Guide.

She has written for Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Teen Vogue, Vice, et al; and was the lead writer/researcher on

Plandemic 2: Indoctornation.                                                                        

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